SoloTango at Mary's August 2011Checking Solo's neck movement

Echo in a dressage test

Echo in a dressage test

Tazz in the weaves

Nif and Echo on springs


I am Dorothy Marks, and I am the ‘Back Lady’.

I am a Back Care Specialist*, a Saddle Fitter, and a Riding Instructor

You can contact me on 01373 834103

My primary objective is to improve Balance and Symmetry for horse and rider by addressing three key aspects of the horse & rider interaction. I can help you with just one aspect, or all three.

I consider these key aspects as a triad of:


  • If a Horse is unbalanced or asymmetrical, he cannot move straight or perform well, this can make the rider sit unevenly causing the horse and / or rider to have back or neck problems, and can unbalance and damage a saddle.
  • If a Saddle does not fit the horse or rider, it can cause a multitude of problems for both, resulting in pain, muscle damage and poor performance.
  • If a Rider is unbalanced and asymmetrical, this can make the horse uneven and push him onto the forehand, reducing performance and comfort, or even causing physical injury or lameness problems for the horse.

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Solo and I have had the final module of the third year of our course with Philippe Karl!! I have the opportunity to apply to take the exams in May if I feel that we are ready to do so. I have now applied to take my exams in May, and Solo and I are concentrating on our preparation.


*Very sadly, after nearly 20 years of Chiropractic being a major part of my life, I have decided to de-register from the General Chiropractic Council register of Chiropractors, which means that I am no longer entitled to call myself a Chiropractor.

What I do has not changed. I am still using the same eclectic mix of McTimoney, Craniosacral Therapy, Equine Sports Massage and other profound methods of treating horses and dogs.



palpating Solo's pollTo have balance and symmetry your HORSE must be physically able to do what you are asking of him or her. Whether this is hacking along the lanes, jumping, pulling a carriage or foot perfect accuracy in the dressage arena, your horse’s musculoskeletal system needs to be free of restrictions, stiffnesses and pain. Using McTimoney and other complementary methods together with core activation exercises and in hand work, I can help ensure your horse can do what you want, in a willing, joyful way.


black LM event saddleTo have balance and symmetry your horse’s SADDLE must allow as much freedom of movement as it can. The saddle needs to allow you, as the rider, to sit in a neutral, balanced way, appropriate for your chosen discipline. As an Independent Saddling Fitting Consultant I can evaluate your existing saddle, and work with it to give the best fit possible. Alternatively, I can make suggestions of saddle fitting approaches to explore, and highly professional fitters who can supply new or second hand saddles for you and your horses


Ali and George in the schoolTo have balance and symmetry you need to be aware of your own twists and unevennesses as a RIDER, and how these will affect your horse. I am an Accredited Mary Wanless RWYM Coach, and can use this powerful approach to help you sit straight and in balance, allowing you to influence your horse for the good. If you want your horse to move straight, you need to sit straight!

Classical Horse Training

Classical Riding is about dressage being for the benefit of the horse.Solo shoulder in Dressage is a means of improving all horses of whatever breed, comformation and temperament. This approach can help your horse to move in a more balanced, flexible and comfortable way whether you wish to ride competitively or not. I can teach you and your horse to dance just for the sheer joy of it!